Big WHEELS Keep On Turning This November

Have you ever been stuck in your car on US-1, burning up gas and patience? It doesn’t have to be that way, and a five-day event called WHEELS can show you how.

WHEELS will take place in South Miami from November 11th– 15th to spotlight the existing alternatives to traveling by car in South Florida and demonstrate how to connect these resources for car-optional living. By using public transit (e.g. Metrorail, Metrobus, Tri-Rail) and trails (the M-Path/Underline and the Ludlam Trail) in combination with biking, walking, or even skateboarding, WHEELS will show you that, yes, another kind of commute is possible in Miami.

WHEELS_conference flyerOver the course of WHEELS, attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a wide array of organized group bike rides, runs, and walks appropriate for all ages and ability levels. On Friday, November 13th and Saturday, November 14th, WHEELS will also host a free conference where national and local leaders—including Ryan Gravel (visionary behind the Atlanta Beltline) and Meg Daly from Friends of The Underline—will share insights into how they are transforming cities through successful local green mobility policy and infrastructure. (Note from the organizers: seating is limited, so please register for the conference at this link). Thanks to Miami-Dade Transit and South Florida Regional Transportation Authority, the first ___ conference attendees will receive free rides on the Metrorail and Tri-Rail to and from the conference.

That Saturday will also include a Bike-In Family Festival and Street Bash tin downtown South Miami, a closed street event for all ages, including a bike safety rodeo for kids as well, live music, and–of course–beer. If you’re curious about making a switch to car-optional commuting by biking, walking, and/or taking public transit to work or elsewhere, you’ll have a chance to chat with commuter “mentors” who can answer all of your questions (Don’t you sweat? What if it rains? How much money do you save?). Guests 21 and over who arrive by bicycle to the Street Bash will get a ticket for a free beer.  

Emerge Miami, which has promoted alternative transportation and introduced thousands of South Florida residents to urban cycling through its regular monthly community bicycle rides for the last decade, will be celebrating WHEELS by leading two rides that week:

  • Thursday, November 12th – Twilight Ride – An evening ride to enjoy Miami by bike after dusk.

  • Saturday, November 14th – Emerge Second Saturday ride – This one will be a Farmer’s Market Ride, which will meet at the Vizcaya Metrorail at 10am, head south down the M-Path/Underline, and visit two farmers markets for snacks and treats.

To round out WHEELS, King Mango Strut Founder Glenn Terry will lead a Magical Mystery History Tour through Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and South Miami in a quirky bike parade.

The aim of WHEELS is two-fold. By bringing thousands of people on trains, bikes, and their own feet, WHEELS will demonstrate to policymakers and developers the pent up demand for alternatives to car travel in Miami. WHEELS will also show thousands of residents and visitors how they can make connections between walking, biking, transit, and trails to get around and leave the car at home.

The entire conference and all events are free and open to the public but if you sign up on, you’ll be eligible to win free prizes. In the mean time, connect with WHEELS at @wheelsflorida on Twitter and Instagram as well as WheelsFL on Facebook and check out the full program schedule.


WHEELS Full Schedule of Events

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FPL Fears Democracy More Than Solar Energy Competition

Those who are tasked with upholding the monopoly status of FPL have devised an ingenious strategy to derail a popular ballot initiative by Floridians for Solar Choice to expand solar in the state of Florida that has been gaining traction. They have created a group called Consumers for Smart Solar that is confusing voters by introducing its own watered-down petition.

What does their petition advocate? For the Florida constitution to give Floridians the right to own solar panels. That sounds awesome at first, except for one thing: we already have that right. That’s it. Signing this petition would reiterate a right citizens already have and would win nothing for climate action advocates, liberty-minded voters, or taxpayers.


FPL generates most of its power from natural gas (68%), followed by nuclear power (23%). Solar makes up less than 1/10th of 1%.

Why is this petition being circulated? Simple. It is an attempt to derail the honest efforts of Floridians for Solar Choice which seeks to allow homeowners and businesses to sell power they generate (up to) to each other. By creating confusion and presenting a false alternative, FPL hopes to split the votes of Floridians committed to clean and dependable energy sources. At the same time, this tactic makes the job of volunteer canvassers even harder. On many occasions, canvassers will start their pitch by asking a prospective supporter if they have “already signed the solar petition?” This bogus petition will deceive voters into thinking that they have already signed the legitimate petition. These are classic astroturfing tactics; the sole purpose is to deceive the Floridian electorate.
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Salon Series at Elwoods – Street Design: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns


Join us at our next Salon Series at Elwoods Pub for a presentation on street design!

What makes a town or city great? There are many opinions, but one of the key components is street design. Urban planning plays a key role in making neighborhoods inviting, prosperous, and healthy.

Victor Dover, FAICP, is co-founder of Dover, Kohl & Partners Town Planning based in Coral Gables, Florida, a design practice focused on restoring healthy neighborhoods as the basis for sound communities and regions. Dover is also the lead designer of more than 150 neighborhoods, urban revitalization programs, and regional plans across the United States and abroad.

He’ll be at Elwoods Pub to discuss street design in Miami-Dade County and beyond.

This event is free and open to the public.
Networking: 6pm; salon begins at 6:30pm
Happy hour specials all night


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New Marine Reserve at Biscayne National Park Threatened

Elkhorn Reef, Biscayne National Park NPS Photo by John Brooks

Elkhorn Reef, Biscayne National Park
NPS Photo by John Brooks

Following 15 years of scientific research and overwhelming public support 6% of Biscayne National Park was set aside in June to create a Marine Reserve to protect the park’s ailing coral reefs and help restore fish populations.

Biscayne Bay once flourished with native species such as gray snapper and black grouper. Now, these species are rarely seen and typically undersized when spotted. Marine reserves create better fishing opportunities when increased numbers of fish in the reserve “spill over into areas outside the reserve and will allow for protection of the coral reef ecosystems .

It’s worked before. An example of a successful  marine reserve in South Florida is Dry Tortugas National Park,  supported by the state of Florida and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Only 5 years after its inception, the National Park has seen significant increases in the size and population of once overfished fish specie.

The sliver of Biscayne National Park set-aside for a Reserve was created in part, due to 90% positive public comments, still allows  visitors to enjoy the Park —  dive, snorkel, swim and boat — as you always have in our country’s largest Marine National Park.marine_reserve

Members of Congress want to scuttle the Marine Reserve merely 2 months after it was created. Their logic; is that the Marine Reserve curtails public access to all of Biscayne National Park and causes strain to Businesses, which is untrue- Fishing, bait & tackle and other businesses can still thrive on the 94% of the park open to fishing.

What You Can Do:

  1. Address comments in support of the Marine Reserve to: The House Committee on Natural  Resources and The House Committee on Small Business joint Oversight Committee.

    a) Email Title: “Restricted Access at  Biscayne National Park and Implications for Fishermen, Small Businesses, the local Economy and Environment”.
    b) Email comments to Caroline Mclaughlin @ & cc Michelle Metcalf @
    c) Deadline: August 14, 2015 at 5pm

  2. Contact Your Representatives:

    (these are the elected officials calling the Reserve into question)
    Ros-Lehtinen:,, 202-225-3931
    Curbelo:,, 202-225-2778
    Diaz-Balart:, 202-225-4211

  3. Get social and ask your friends to do the same #MoreFishInFL
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Emerge Critical Mass: Special Epic Chalk-Tacular Ride!

We’ve got an epic bike ride and event planned for you, alongside our friends from a bunch of local organizations! Join everyone on a ride from Allapattah Station to Downtown’s #DanPaulPark as we all work together to try and make one of the largest chalk art installments in the history of ever!
Our ride will take you through all sorts of neighborhoods, as we work our way to the AAA for a 1:00 PM art project unlike any imaginable!

This may be a long day by bike, so bring plenty of water and wear plenty of sunscreen. We will have a ride leader take a group back to Allapattah in the afternoon, but riders interested in participating in the chalking and other events all afternoon are welcome to stay and celebrate!

RSVP on Facebook and on Meetup.

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Emerge Miami’s 6th Annual Sweet Treats Ride

Emerge Miami's 6th Annual Sweet Treats Ride
What’s on your hit list this summer?

Tell us, would you:
(a) bicycle with friends
(b) explore Miami’s streets
(c) be a locavore by supporting local businesses
(d) all of the above

D!? Well you’re in luck, join us for encounters of the sugary kind this Saturday, July 11th as we scope out some of Miami’s best bakeries and ice creameries. Bring your bike, a friend, and some cash for the 6th Annual Sweet Treats Ride as we stop at Bunnie Cakes, Fireman Derek’s Key Lime Pies, Lulu’s Ice Cream and Colony1. Please note that most of our stops offer vegan and gluten-free options.

Saturday, July 11
Government Center Metro-rail Station, 101 NW First Street
10:00 a.m.

RSVP on Facebook and on Meetup

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Turnip the Beet at Colony1’s Monthly Market Festivals

Turnip the Beet Festival
July 11th will not be just any ordinary Saturday. All day, Colony1 Wynwood will Turnip the Beet with a community festival and local, handmade market. Come out and meet Miami’s most comprehensive sustainable living education hub: Colony1!

Colony1 is presenting monthly festivals – Turnip the Beet – every second Saturday to bring the citizens of Miami and South Florida together in the name of all things sustainability. The festivals will offe grassroots-style education from the community, by the community. Colony1 is 100% volunteer driven, and the interactive workshops are presented by people who want to share their knowledge and increase the presence of a socially responsible, regenerative, and holistic lifestyle. Colony1 and the monthly festivals are about the people, the land we live with, and the community we collectively create.

The parent non-profit organization, Art of Cultural Evolution, has received a few grants from various organizations, and the organization has been granted the Colony1 site in the heart of Wynwood thanks to a land grant from Miami-Dade County. County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson of District 3 is the sponsor of the land grant. This 50-year grant is contingent upon there being a building constructed on the site within 3 years. It is really important for this project to succeed, and it will because individuals are waking up to the fact that humanity’s modus operandi is destroying the Earth, and creating disharmony in societal infrastructure. The masses are hungry for changes that bring the mass consciousness from a self-centered mentality to community mentality. To achieve this, we must begin teaching each other and supporting each other from the ground up. For this reason, education is at the forefront of the Turnip the Beet market festivals.
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