New Belgium Brewery Hosts Bicyclist Film Festival in Support of Urban Oasis Project

October24,20157:30 pm — 10:30 pm

The New Belgium Brewery and the Urban Oasis Project are hosting an event which will feature clips of bicycle films and beer.  The proceeds of this event will help support the Urban Oasis Project, an organization that promotes access to fresh, local, and healthy food. The good folks at the New Belgium Brewery need volunteers. Volunteers will receive beer, a t-shirt and TIPS training (beer-pouring training). To top it off, volunteers will be invited to an additional beer tasting (more beer).

To sign up, go to: Clips Beer and Film Tour– Volunteers needed

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Help Marine Stadium and See Cool Graffiti

“When the Matheson Family gave the Marine Stadium and its lands, and Crandon Park, which they gave to our beautiful city, they stipulated that this be used as a marine stadium.” – Gloria Estefan

Marine Stadium has been closed since it was blighted during Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Now, what was once recognized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as a “National Treasure” is an albatross for Miami-Dade County.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is raising money to renovate Marine Stadium by selling tickets to tour the stadium on September 20. The September 20 tours will sell out fast, but more tours will be added in the upcoming weeks. By purchasing a ticket you will not only be helping to restore a Miami landmark and make our city a better place, you will also gain admission to a one-of-a-kind art exhibit in the stadium featuring amazing graffiti by world-renowned artist. To make matters even better, ticket holders will also be entitled to a print of an art piece featured in the stadium!

Tickets Available: HERE
Read more about the event: HERE

Marine Stadium in its classic glory:


Marine Stadium, 1967

Marine Stadium 1967

Marine Stadium, 1967

Marine Stadium in its modern glory:


Marine Stadium Today

Marine Stadium Today

Marine Stadium Today

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Miami History via Bike-Tour?!?! Sign Me Up!

September20,20144:00 pm — 6:00 pm
September21,20144:00 pm — 6:00 pm

Front Yard Theatre Collective's History on Wheels
The Front Yard Theater Collective has gotten my attention with their History on Wheels Bike Tour!  The folks who brought you the Alice in Wynwood Land story-ride are back with a conceptually brilliant interactive experience.

Riders will follow Julia Tuttle as she time travels on bicycle, stopping at key moments in Miami’s history.  Historic costumes are encouraged. You not only receive a history lesson, you get an opportunity to repurpose tasteless costumes of Halloweens past!

RSVP via the Facebook event.

If you seek to acquire additional street-cred, support the event with your hard-earned money.

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Are We On Our Way To A Less Livable Miami?

In an era where cities around the country (and the world) have begun to tear down highways in order to restore livable and accessible neighborhoods, it is difficult to understand why Miami is planning to do the opposite.

Cities like San Francisco, Milwaukee, and Portland have removed major freeways and replaced them with transit, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure. Buffalo and New Orleans are planning a similar removal. In Seoul, South Korea, tearing down a highway has created a public space which has arguably transformed the entire city. The result of removing each highway has been an overwhelming success: members of the community embrace the reconnected places, businesses benefit from more pedestrian traffic, and pop-up temporary retail -like food trucks- stimulate further economic activity. In these instances, the public realm has become a place where people want to be.
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Miami Needs Leaders!

The Miami Community Leadership Forum is offering a free and intensive opportunity to hone our leadership skills.

Members of Emerge will be joining active and invested locals in a two day workshop on the ways in which we can maximize our involvement in Miami’s ongoing growth.

Join us Saturday and Sunday, September 13 and 14, for an exciting chance to get engaged!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 7.36.54 PM


Follow this link to register:

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Welcome Freebie to Miami

What is Freebie?

Come and find out!

Miami is happily launching the latest in green transit: Freebie! A free environmentally conscious non-traditional electric transit system.

Check out the ribbon cutting and get ready to roll!


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Epic Everglades Symposium this Weekend

Our Everglades are a rare and precious resource. We’ve all taken the day trip to Shark Valley to hobnob with gators and spot the ospreys. How much, however, do we consider the priceless and essential impact the Everglades have on our way of life?

This Saturday and Sunday, at FIU South Campus, a free symposium by Love the Everglades will feature all things wetlands, from advocacy to art, and from film to food. Find out the science behind our water table and why we need to protect it.

You can even take an airboat ride!

See the itinerary below for more details.


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