Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Emerge Miami’s 6th Annual Sweet Treats Ride

Emerge Miami's 6th Annual Sweet Treats Ride
What’s on your hit list this summer?

Tell us, would you:
(a) bicycle with friends
(b) explore Miami’s streets
(c) be a locavore by supporting local businesses
(d) all of the above

D!? Well you’re in luck, join us for encounters of the sugary kind this Saturday, July 11th as we scope out some of Miami’s best bakeries and ice creameries. Bring your bike, a friend, and some cash for the 6th Annual Sweet Treats Ride as we stop at Bunnie Cakes, Fireman Derek’s Key Lime Pies, Lulu’s Ice Cream and Colony1. Please note that most of our stops offer vegan and gluten-free options.

Saturday, July 11
Government Center Metro-rail Station, 101 NW First Street
10:00 a.m.

RSVP on Facebook and on Meetup

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Turnip the Beet at Colony1’s Monthly Market Festivals

Turnip the Beet Festival
July 11th will not be just any ordinary Saturday. All day, Colony1 Wynwood will Turnip the Beet with a community festival and local, handmade market. Come out and meet Miami’s most comprehensive sustainable living education hub: Colony1!

Colony1 is presenting monthly festivals – Turnip the Beet – every second Saturday to bring the citizens of Miami and South Florida together in the name of all things sustainability. The festivals will offe grassroots-style education from the community, by the community. Colony1 is 100% volunteer driven, and the interactive workshops are presented by people who want to share their knowledge and increase the presence of a socially responsible, regenerative, and holistic lifestyle. Colony1 and the monthly festivals are about the people, the land we live with, and the community we collectively create.

The parent non-profit organization, Art of Cultural Evolution, has received a few grants from various organizations, and the organization has been granted the Colony1 site in the heart of Wynwood thanks to a land grant from Miami-Dade County. County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson of District 3 is the sponsor of the land grant. This 50-year grant is contingent upon there being a building constructed on the site within 3 years. It is really important for this project to succeed, and it will because individuals are waking up to the fact that humanity’s modus operandi is destroying the Earth, and creating disharmony in societal infrastructure. The masses are hungry for changes that bring the mass consciousness from a self-centered mentality to community mentality. To achieve this, we must begin teaching each other and supporting each other from the ground up. For this reason, education is at the forefront of the Turnip the Beet market festivals.
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Clean-Up and Rally at Arson Sites of Globally Imperiled Richmond Pine Rocklands

Dozens of volunteers from a coalition of South Florida Environmental Groups will be working to Clean-Up and Preserve the Biggest Pine Rocklands Habitat outside of Everglades National Park Saturday June 27th.

The focus of the Rally will be Miami-Dade’s “Larry & Penny Thompson Park” which is the target of arsonists’ attacks the past several months which have burned out dozens of acres of Pine Rocklands. They’ve also exposed years’ of garbage illegally dumped there.The Richmond Pine Rocklands are a globally imperiled habitat home to dozens of Federally Protected plants and animals.  Much of it is now designated Critically Endangered Habitat under the U-S Endangered Species Act. It’s also home to Zoo Miami, the Gold Coast Railway Museum, Robert W Morgan Technical Institute and numerous Federal and Dept. of Defense Agencies including the U-S Coast Guard, Bureau of Prisons and U-S Army.

Recently, out of town developers have proposed more than $1-Billion Dollars worth of development including a “Miami Wilds Theme Park” and “Coral Reef Commons” Commercial/Residential Project. The Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition strongly opposes any development there and believes this “LifeBoat” tract needs to be preserved and restored to give all of its’ endangered plants and animals a natural habitat to prevent their extinction.
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Paved Parks Need Grass Roots: Local Citizens Pop Up #DanPaulPark

Our #DanPaulPark dedication in Miami with the Urban Environment League and The New Tropic was epic. We caught it on video. Enjoy!

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Join Emerge Miami and The New Tropic for Dan Paul Park Dedication and Ride!

Dan Paul Park Ride & Inauguration
Summer: with the tourist season all but done in South Florida, it’s time for the locals to come out and play. Sure, it’s hot. But who doesn’t look forward to going outside and soaking in our beautiful open spaces… tossing a Frisbee with a few friends, reading a book under a tree, taking a nap in a hammock, maybe getting caught in a passing shower?

On Saturday, June 13, Emerge Miami invites you to do that and more at Miami’s newest park. That morning, we’ll be inaugurating Dan Paul Park, a five-acre waterfront gem next to the American Airlines Arena and Museum Park in downtown Miami. Formerly known as “Parcel B”, the park has languished behind closed gates for nearly twenty years, sealed off to the public and used instead as a taxpayer-supported parking lot for TV satellite trucks.

We’re not exactly sure why our county’s leaders have been unable to deliver on their promises for the past two decades to open the park. We assume that between their busy schedule of meeting with Miami Heat lobbyists and the big developers who want to build up the site, they just haven’t found a good time to have a grand opening. But we also hear that maybe they misplaced the official pair of big ceremonial scissors and are too embarrassed to have a ribbon-cutting for the new park without them.
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Parcel B Should Become the Dan Paul Park: Some Context on a Sad But Symptomatic Piece of Miami’s Public Waterfront

By Gregory Bush, Vice President, Urban Environment League

Parcel B
Summary Issue:

The 1996 Heat Pledge and Need for Public Action- NOW

A forlorn four (4) acre parcel of Miami Dade County land faces the waterfront to the east of the American Airlines Arena.  It has gorgeous views of Biscayne Bay and is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. It is zoned park by the city of Miami but is largely a wasteland, parking lot and staging area for the American Airlines Arena and has been so for almost twenty years. Yet it has an important history, and was clearly promised to the public as a park back in 1996 by the Heat by an extensive advertising campaign.

Its continued state of limbo underscores the sad quality of public space in the city of Miami.   Few people have any clue about Parcel B as they cheer on the Heat. In the absence of adequate media attention or political leadership, this public waterfront space has faded away from public consciousness similar to the fate of so many other waterfront parks in Miami over the years. Ever hear of Bayside? Skyrise? Flagstone? Marine Stadium area? What could have been a fine public waterfront park – continues to mock all of us as a disorganized and mindless public who are endlessly manipulated by powerful economic interests. Such deference should be an embarrassment to all clear thinking Miami residents.

And it’s an insult to the memory of lawyer Dan Paul, the longtime defender of Miami’s public waterfront.   We of the Urban Environment League (UEL), Emerge Miami and other organizations and individuals – believe that Parcel B should be opened as a well designed open space waterfront park and named after this great champion of Miami’s public waterfront.
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Emerge Miami Fights for Waterfront Park Near American Airlines Arena

WPLG Local 10 News features Emerge Miami & the battle to reclaim Parcel B as a new waterfront park.

Join us Saturday, June 13th for the Dan Paul Park Dedication & Ride!

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For our June Ride, let’s have a picnic at Parcel B and treat it as a park. “Parcel B” is a slot of county-owned land that has been used as a parking lot for years. It should already be a park for us! Dan Paul was a Miami-based First Amendment lawyer and parks advocate.

A special thanks to the WPLG Local 10 team for their outstanding work and continued focus on important issues in the local community.

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