Cycling Night at the New World Symphony

March28,20157:00 pm

Cycling Night at the New World Symphony returns! Meet members of Miami’s cycling community and the Magic City Bicycle Collective at the New World Center while enjoying a 30-minute classical music concert featuring Respighi’s grandiose The Fountains of Rome, all for just $2.50! There will a reception on the rooftop of the New World Center immediately following the performance. BUY TICKET(S) HERE.

Bike valet will be available for patrons along with a complimentary post-concert reception on the rooftop of the New World Center!

The ride meets Saturday, March 28th at Adrienne Arscht Center Metromover Station (OMNI) at 5:30pm, Symphony starts at 7:00pm.

RSVP on Facebook or Meetup.

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Free This Weekend? Attend Fun, Educational Festival for Medical Marijuana Supporters

March14,20154:00 pmMarch15,20153:00 am

17th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at Grand Central
Even though marijuana is still illegal in large portions of the U.S., it’s generating a massive amount of legal money through various products. There are now a growing number of stores that stock and market a wide variety of items for smoking (papers, pipes, grinders, etc) and an expansive list of manufacturers that develop them “for tobacco use”. You can also find clothing and accessories that bear the famous leaf, as well as many forms of entertainment that capitalize on the appeal of marijuana and its illicit status. However, it seems like little to none of the profit that is generated by these businesses is being used to change the laws.

I have gone into many stores that use the leaf for product marketing and was denied to even have flyers to promote events that seek to bring change to Florida’s marijuana laws. This hypocrisy is beyond frustrating; it’s modern exploitation of a demographic that has become too accustomed to being victimized by the system and has succumbed to the whims of money.

Marijuana is now the most lucrative cash crop in the U.S. and high-grade cannabis is especially valuable, yet it is not being taxed due to its murky legal status! Moreover, the price is artificially inflated because the people that grow and distribute the plant are risking serious jail time.

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The Miami Film Festival Presents “Tour de Force”

It’s rare that a 2-minute movie trailer can make you grin, laugh, and hold back tears – but that’s exactly what I did when watching the preview for TOUR DE FORCE, playing at this year’s Miami International Film Festival. (watch the trailer here)

Hannes (played by one of Germany’s biggest stars, Florian David Fitz) is a member of a summer cycling group that takes an epic annual road trip; every year the destination is selected by a different member of the group. This year, it’s Hannes’ turn, and he chooses Belgium – a choice that initially seems random, until he makes a shocking revelation not long into their ride. Only in his early 30s, Hannes has been diagnosed with ALS, and this bike trip will be his last. Determined to forge his own path, he is asking his friends for help taking him to Belgium because of that country’s progressive position on end-of-life choices.

The remainder of their trip becomes a painful, beautiful, and ultimately transcendent journey through the Flemish countryside and a testament to the binding power of friends, family and community.

TOUR DE FORCE plays on Tuesday March 10th @ 6:30 pm at the Regal South Beach 18 and Thursday March 12th @ 9:15 pm at MDC’s Tower Theater 2

Take $2 off the ticket price with the code BIKES2015. (Enter the code by clicking the yellow “promotions” button on the ticket page.)

The Miami International Film Festival brings the best of world cinema to Miami March 6 – 15. See the full line-up of films online here.

See you at the movies!

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Is A Fare Fair?

Not many cities in the world provide free transportation systems, but many of those that do have that ‘world-class’ quality that we strive for. Sydney, Chengdu, Athens, Bangkok and Seattle all have area-wide free public transit. The Metromover is one of the signature elements of Downtown Miami and as we’ve recently seen, the development boom is sure to draw a lot of focus and a lot of people to the already dense area.

Having an efficient and economical way to move all those people around is crucial to the sustainability of the neighborhood and health of the community. The Metromover also connects the Omni district to Downtown and Brickell allowing people from those areas to freely mingle. There’s additionally been talk at times of extending its reach to Midtown, Little Havana and South Beach which would further integrate the service into our societal fabric.

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The Richmond Pine Rocklands Are In Danger: Will You Step Up?

Have you ever gone to Zoo Miami (formerly known as Metro Zoo) and thought that the Richmond Pine Rocklands next to it were a blighted area that needed to be revitalized with the help of government and commercial investment? Some people in Miami-Dade County think so.

Last year, the University of Miami sold a parcel of pine rockland which serves as a habitat for at least 14 endangered species to Ram Realty, which plans to build a strip mall as well as residences and a school. Despite being home to federally endangered plants and animals such as Kirtland’s warbler, the Miami tiger beetle, and the Florida brickellbush, this intact area of pine rocklands (which the federal government gave UM as a gift decades ago in hopes that it would be used as a research center) is at risk of being torn apart piece by piece at the hands of local authorities giving out permits to whomever offers the best sweetheart deal.

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H&H Jewels Truly Understands Women

HH Jewels
Finally, someone has figured out what makes us ladies tick.  H&H Jewels, a high-end bling-bling shop in Coconut Grove, has been educating the public through their insightful billboard advertising campaign.

An enormous billboard that towers over US-1, just north of Coconut Grove, depicts an expensive-looking ring and reads, “The only time she’ll be happy to gain a little weight.” Here I was thinking that a woman might be excited to gain weight while pregnant or recovering from an illness. It turns out, a big sparkly geode is more important than health or family. Good to know!

Another ad of theirs pictures a sapphire ring and says, “It’s the little blue pill for women.” I get it! Viagra, a well-known blue pill, treats erectile dysfunction in men. This blue stone will enable women to have sex because women’s libidos are connected to the jewelry-receiving centers in their brains.

The most informative and helpful of H&H’s billboards has to be the one that refers to some dangly earrings as “Couples therapy without the annoying talking.” The good folks at H&H know what’s up: relationships are like any other type of durable good; you get what you pay for. I feel bad for those suckers out there who think they can talk their way out of relationship problems. Keep dreaming, hippies.

Miami’s media environment has officially been elevated.

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Buskerfest Miami 2014 Wrap-Up

If you work in, live in or visit Downtown Miami with any frequency, you’re most likely familiar with how deserted it can sometimes seem. Most days, a majority of the restaurants and retailers close their doors at 6pm and the streets assume the character of a Western frontier town from the early 1800s. Cue the famous western whistle theme and lone tumbleweed rolling through the frame. However, if you were in downtown on Friday, December 12th from 4-8pm, you would’ve been treated to the sounds of brass bands, jazz groups, string quintets and incredible scenes like these:

(More photos available here)

You may be asking yourself, “were these taken in Miami?” And the answer is an emphatic “YES!” These captured moments represent just a sprinkling of the over thirty-five performer groups that formed the Buskerfest Miami 2014 Street Performance Festival. The goal of the festival is to show what can be. As Downtown Miami transforms, literally before our eyes, it is imperative that the streets remain walkable, safe and full of life. The alternative is a collection of isolated high-rise buildings and mega developments with no street-level culture – a place where everyone drives to get where they need to go and the environment itself hinders any attempt to build a true community. The Buskerfest Miami Street Performance Festival is designed to show how transformative art in the streets can be, and in that goal it was hugely successful.

Performers, residents and even passersby paused for a moment in their busy, hectic lives to enjoy a moment of solidarity with one another and at the same time, revel in the cultural diversity of Miami’s performance community. In a city with an ever-rising cost of living and a limited number of performance venues, Buskerfest Miami 2014 proclaims, “forget all that noise – let’s just go party in the street with our friends (and soon-to-be-friends) and remind ourselves that we ARE a community not meant to be segregated by money, status or circumstance.” Regardless of where you come from or what you have, we all share the street and that is something that should be celebrated.

We, the organizers, wish to thank our incredible performers, our versatile and courteous volunteers, our engaged and excited attendees and the city that made it all possible – Miami, Florida. It could not have happened without you all or the generous support from organizations including the Miami Foundation, the Miami Downtown Development Authority, Tiliarts, the Downtown Miami Partnership, Trinity Cathedral, Miami-Dade Transit, Emerge Miami, Whereby.Us and many, many others. Thanks for the memories and keep it tuned to for future events, including our upcoming Ear To The Ground series and of course, next year’s Buskerfest Miami 2015 Street Performance Festival.

Much Love,

The Buskerfest Miami Team

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