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Earth and the American Dream: A Record of Prosperity and the By-Products

Emerge Miami and Sweat Records welcome you to join a screening of HBO’s Earth and the American Dream. This 1992 documentary by Bill Couturié chronicles 500 years of American history told from various publications, letters, and other personal or periodical

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Show Some Love for CULTRA – Miami’s First Outdoor Open Mic

Buskerfest Miami and longtime collaborators Emerge Miami will program Miami’s first traveling, outdoor open mic. This uniquely Miami program will feature local musicians, acrobats, theatrical groups, comedians and more in Miami’s three Downtown Miami parks: Museum, Bayfront and the newly

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Say NO to Styrofoam Preemption Law!

Across the nation there is a growing sentiment that our elected officials are largely ignoring the will and best interest of their constituents—We the People. A recurring theme in this election cycle has been the corruptive influence that corporate lobby

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Join Emerge Miami for an MLK Day Cleanup in Little Haiti

We’ve got a great community service activity lined up for next Monday! Join Emerge Miami and friends as we join in a neighborhood clean up in Little Haiti! Sweat Records resides in Little Haiti, like a gem inside of a

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We won an orchid!

Earlier this month, the Urban Environmental League honored Emerge Miami with an award for community organizing! They recognized Emerge’s efforts to turn “Parcel B” into Dan Paul Park with a fancy certificate and a lovely orchid at their “Orchids and

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Buskerfest Miami Brings Downtown to Life with the Sounds of Local Music

As I sit here, having just finished preproduction for tomorrow’s Buskerfest Miami Street Performance Festival 2015 and enjoying a delicious beer (Stay-Puft Porter from JWakefield), it seems like a good time for reflection. It was just three years ago that

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Meet Emerge’s Younger Cousin, Engage

You all have known me for 10 years.  I’m Emerge, a spunky grassroots community organization dedicated to bringing progressive folks together in Miami.  I love bikes, potlucks, board games and parades.  You can catch me hanging out at Colony 1,

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