Show Some Love for CULTRA – Miami’s First Outdoor Open Mic

Buskerfest Miami and longtime collaborators Emerge Miami will program Miami’s first traveling, outdoor open mic. This uniquely Miami program will feature local musicians, acrobats, theatrical groups, comedians and more in Miami’s three Downtown Miami parks: Museum, Bayfront and the newly christened Dan Paul Park on Parcel B. The public can look forward to the best of Miami’s homegrown talent in the public spaces that define Downtown Miami. You may know ULTRA, but the real party is at CULTRA!


Miami is blessed with beautiful, iconic parks that are not as lively as we would like. CULTRA will activate all of Downtown Miami’s parks, encouraging newcomers to explore and old pals to reconnect with Museum, Bayfront and Dan Paul Parks. CULTRA will provide an opportunity for both emerging and established artists to perform for the local community in an area currently devoid of small to mid-size performing arts venues. The project will also highlight the potential of Parcel B, a piece of neglected land behind American Airlines arena, which was intended to be a public park.

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