Emerge and Nerd Nite Team Up to Bring You Dueling Conspiracies 4: Battle Royale of Obscurity

Dueling Conspiracies 4

Is your conspiracy theory the one to rule them all? Dueling Conspiracies is an evening of Nerd Nite-style presentations and an open house of science fair-style projects on participants’ conspiracies of choice. The audience votes for their favorites, winner receives bragging rights and a tin foil hat. Whether serious and well-studied or tongue-in-cheek and up for fun, those interested in hidden agendas, open secrets, and the smoking guns that prove them are welcome to share their truth.

Join us!

Who:  Lovers of all things “Conspiracy”
What: an evening of Nerd Nite-style presentations and an open house of science fair-style projects on participants’ conspiracies of choice
Where:  Gramps, 176 NW 24th St. Miami, FL 33127
When:  October 27th, 7pm-10pm
Why: Bragging rights and a tin foil hat
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1392771907417312/
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Emerge Miami Voter Guide 2016

Emerge Miami Votes 2016

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July 23rd: Bridges to Peace Walk to Benefit Seeds of Peace

Bridges to Peace Walk

Seeds of Peace needs your help to spread the word and raise awareness for its vital mission – to inspire and cultivate new generations of global leaders in communities divided by conflict. Seeds of Peace equips young people with the skills and relationships they need to accelerate social, economic, and political changes essential for peace through an intensive summer camp and year-long education program.

To that end, join us on Saturday, July 23rd for the first ever Bridges to Peace Walk in Miami. Walk over the Venetian Causeway with the beautiful Miami skyline in the background. We will meet at Trinity Cathedral’s parking lot at 7:45 am (located at 464 NE 16th Street, Miami, FL).

Each ticket serves as your registration for the walk. Along with serving as your registration for the walk, each ticket gets you: refreshments at the walk provided by Eternity Coffee Roasters, a free yoga class at 305 Yoga, and a $10 coupon of your next pair of running shoes at iRun. You can grab a ticket in advance here.

For more information about Seeds of Peace, visit www.seedsofpeace.org.

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Earth and the American Dream: A Record of Prosperity and the By-Products

Earth And The American Dream Documentary Screening at Sweat

Emerge Miami and Sweat Records welcome you to join a screening of HBO’s Earth and the American Dream. This 1992 documentary by Bill Couturié chronicles 500 years of American history told from various publications, letters, and other personal or periodical accounts, all offering insight into the direct impact this prosperity has had on the environment. The film is concise, eloquent, and visual, demonstrating centuries in transition from an expansive wilderness to nation-spanning production. At times this narrative is empowering, at times devastating, continually informing about our environmental history with a clear concern for our planet but a steady and contemplative tone.

Strangely enough, despite its effectiveness and timely importance, HBO only aired it for a brief stint before it seemingly disappeared from the face of the planet. Despite an ensemble cast of narrators from throughout popular culture of the times and a dedicated, painstakingly researched sampling of historic writings, the film ceased to exist.

I have a distinct memory of seeing this documentary air live when I was in middle school. Around that time a classmate boasted that during a recent vacation his family travelled to Alaska where he got to “do his part” by scooping a bucket of oily sludge from a river basin. The service his family volunteered for even gave him a t-shirt with some slogan or other about cleaning up ‘the mess’.

American pop culture in the early 90s enjoyed a brief rally toward environmental awareness following Alaska’s Exxon-Valdez oil spill. The news discussed it. The conversation criticised it. This documentary cultivated it, even if it was for a brief run.

Even the goofy prophetic sea-level rise Kostner film, Waterworld, worked in a joke in which (SPOILERS?) the evil, fuel swilling, cigarette smoking, post-apocalyptic industrial villain’s headquarters are based in the hull of the infamous crashed oil tanker. Dennis Hopper even tosses in a quip about worshiping “Saint Joe”, while gazing on a portrait of Joseph Hazelwood, the negligent captain responsible for causing the worst environmental disaster mankind instigated prior to the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010.

Dennis Hopper
While the topic is nothing to make light of, Hollywood found ways to insert it into the dialogue. Earth and the American Dream originally presented an argument on environmental awareness to a culture predominantly avoiding or simply unaware of its importance. The great debate on mankind’s role in climate change was not as omnipresent in the news or political arena– even though many might argue it still isn’t present enough. HBO found a crafty way to harness the Hollywood momentum and provide a fantastic basis for discussion, bringing it into every household through familiar voices and a captivating visual narrative.

There’s a catch to the film’s broad historical reach: the account of history ends with its production in 1992. Man, is it dated! Chernobyl. Bophal. Baby seal clubbing. These are horrors of the past with long-reaching influences on today, but they represent an eco-awareness from thirty years ago. The ecological issues du jour in the early 90s were not necessarily the same as those we tackle with immediacy today. While it does not dwell long on culminating in “contemporary” environmental issues, audiences today may be wondering how this documentary translates to 2016.

That’s where your friends with Emerge Miami come in: we’d love to watch this movie with you and talk about what’s changed, what hasn’t, and how the dialogue can adapt to modern audiences. How would the story of Earth and the American Dream be told today?

Mixing a screening with a discussion with an opportunity to network with concerned locals, Emerge is excited to work with you on ways to create dialogues on our progress and the toll it takes.

Join us at Sweat Records on Thursday, June 2nd, at 7 PM to watch, learn, and build a narrative on our dreams and the ways in which the can intertwine with the environment, rather than interrupt it.

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Show Some Love for CULTRA – Miami’s First Outdoor Open Mic

Buskerfest Miami and longtime collaborators Emerge Miami will program Miami’s first traveling, outdoor open mic. This uniquely Miami program will feature local musicians, acrobats, theatrical groups, comedians and more in Miami’s three Downtown Miami parks: Museum, Bayfront and the newly christened Dan Paul Park on Parcel B. The public can look forward to the best of Miami’s homegrown talent in the public spaces that define Downtown Miami. You may know ULTRA, but the real party is at CULTRA!


Miami is blessed with beautiful, iconic parks that are not as lively as we would like. CULTRA will activate all of Downtown Miami’s parks, encouraging newcomers to explore and old pals to reconnect with Museum, Bayfront and Dan Paul Parks. CULTRA will provide an opportunity for both emerging and established artists to perform for the local community in an area currently devoid of small to mid-size performing arts venues. The project will also highlight the potential of Parcel B, a piece of neglected land behind American Airlines arena, which was intended to be a public park.

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Say NO to Styrofoam Preemption Law!

Across the nation there is a growing sentiment that our elected officials are largely ignoring the will and best interest of their constituents—We the People. A recurring theme in this election cycle has been the corruptive influence that corporate lobby money and campaign finance have had on the legislative and election process.

Make no mistake, this is no proverbial bogeyman—over the past few decades corporate interests have flat out hi-jacked our democratic process. Many politicians have become more accountable to their donors and cronies than they are to their constituents.

There could not be a better example of this than the recent passing of SB1010 (as amended) in the Florida State Senate. This law includes an amendment filed by Senator Alan Hays of District 11, which prevents local governments (city or county) from passing any new legislation banning or regulating polystyrene products.
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Healthcare in Hiding: Little-Known Free Treatment in Miami

Little Known Free Treatment in Miami
Physical illness is a drain on your body; it’s part of the human condition. Unfortunately, our nation’s seriously ill must deal with their symptoms while at the same time manage the complicated financial reality of being sick. Modern-day healthcare requires sick people and their loved ones to navigate difficult medical jargon, coverage complications and endless phone calls.

There is a better way though; as someone familiar with the healthcare industry, I am aware of the valuable resources that can aid people in need. When my father fell ill, my family relied on my insider-knowledge to survive the most difficult time in our lives. A perfect example was when my father needed costly speech and physical therapy during his recovery from brain surgery. His insurance did not cover therapy and we were scrambling to put together the money for the upwards of 200 dollars per session necessity. Using my knowledge of healthcare programs, I decided to apply for an aid program, offered by Baptist, which covered speech and physical therapy if you meet their requirements for aid. This not only helped my family afford the therapy but transformed my father’s quality of life.

The more that I talk to people about such free services the more I realize the astonishingly few number of patients that know about free medication, procedures and diagnostic services available in our community.
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